Doing Our Bit

Extreme Medics recognises that we must care for those outdoor environments that we work in and love so much. Due to the nature of our work we also need to use large 4×4 vehicles that currently receive so much often unjustified bad publicity about their negative environmental potential.

Therefore as a company we make the following commitments:

  1. All our CO2 Production from vehicles/premises/flights is offset annually through Climate Care
  2. All Drivers are trained in safe and responsible off road driving to minimise ground damage
  3. We encourage the use of recycling facilities by our staff and by events with which we work
  4. We encourage the use of Biofuels and alternative fuels, particularly for event power generation

Climate Care

Help lower business emissions and individual carbon footprints through credible, verified carbon reduction projects. Carbon offsetting offers a genuine way to reduce CO2 emissions.

More Information

If you require any more information on this subject then please get in contact via e-mail Rich@ExtremeMedics.com